Give ongoing, life-changing support

By steadily supporting a child’s physical needs through sponsorship, you enable them to lift their eyes from their circumstances and onto greater things, like the Gospel message and the love that God the Father has for them.

Sponsor a child

Consistent provision over time

As a sponsor, you bring consistency and stability in four key areas, meeting needs that were lacking in the life of a street child.

The Gospel message

Our ministry’s aim is to instill the nourishing Word of God in each of the children who come into the program. Only the Bible can offer them true hope in the midst of their difficult circumstances. Through our partnership with the local church in Mbale, the Gospel message is preached regularly.

A complete education

Your sponsorship provides a child with education, covering 100% of their tuition and gives them everything they need for school including uniforms, shoes, a backpack, and supplies. A sponsored child is even able to study all the way up through the completion of a trade school certificate or university degree.

Food and clothing

Each IChooseYou child and their family receives enough flour and sugar every month to have at least something to eat every day. Your sponsored child also receives a school uniform, play clothes and shoes, and special clothes they can wear at Christmas, or to church on Sunday.

Medical care and basic hygiene supplies

Routine medical care is critical to ensure a child can stay in school and focus on getting good grades. A local clinic helps keep our students healthy, taking care of sicknesses and diseases that are easily treatable. Each child also gets soap, vaseline and toilet paper; the young women get feminine products, to support them with things they need for good hygiene.

Sponsor a child today

Would you consider joining our ministry and meet the needs of one of these children today?

What can I expect as a sponsor?

  • A packet with your child’s story and a photo
  • A new photo of your child at least once a year
  • Information on how to write a letter to your child
  • At least 2 letters from your child every year
  • Ministry updates on a regular basis

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Child sponsorship and discipleship is the core of our ministry and is unrivaled in its ability to positively impact the life of a child and their future.

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