Ministry Partnership

Give unique support, where it’s needed most

Help us provide a generous and tailored sponsorship for these children that cares for the individual, specialized, or unforeseen needs in a child’s life.

Become a Ministry Partner

Because of you, our program feels more like a family.

Your Ministry Partnership allows us to be unique and tailored in our approach to sponsorship and how we meet the needs of the children, just like a family would. These funds also give us the ability to meet any emergency or unforeseen expenses we may have from time to time without any major disruption to our operations.

Tailored needs

We’re able to meet the specific and varied needs of children in the program, like boarding for children whose homes are unsafe, or a family mattress for those who have none, or a graduation gift to help a young adult start their new career.

Emergency medical

When children need emergency treatment or a life-saving surgery, Ministry Partnerships help cover the hospital costs, along with the transportation and lodging costs it takes to accompany the children to the major hospital in Kampala seven hours away from Mbale.

Routine expenses

Help us afford things like logistical and transportation costs, help us fill in any missing scholarship funding, or cover any gaps in supply costs due to rising inflation so we can continue to provide to each child and their family with everything they need.

Is your church or organization interested in partnering with us?

Ministry Partnership is a great way for churches, business or other organizations to support IChooseYou as a whole, contributing to our most immediate, high-impact needs on an ongoing basis, while staying closely connected to the ministry.

Your gift will have a lasting impact

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