Our Ministry Model

Learn about how our approach to sponsorship and discipleship is having a real, life-changing effect, not just in the individual lives of children, but in their communities as well.

Consistent support, delivered by the church

With the local church as the center of our operation, the children and their families are able to see God as their ultimate hope and provision, the source of where their help comes from.

Sponsorship works because it’s consistency over time

When a child’s physical needs are met over an long period of time, it allows them the freedom to take their eyes off their difficult circumstances and set them on greater things, like having an active and real faith in Jesus Christ.

Discipleship is the spiritual version of sponsorship

The process of discipleship provides consistent spiritual support, helping a child grow in their faith as they grow physically. Our sponsorship program is run by the local church in Mbale, and the IChooseYou children and their families reap the benefits of joining a loving and supportive, Christian community.

Multiplied impact in the community

The sponsorship and discipleship processes have a ripple effect throughout the community. IChooseYou students reach their families with the Gospel message. Those families invite other families to the hope found in Christ. They invite others to the fellowship found at church. The IChooseYou community grows exponentially with every child added to the program.

Ways to get involved

There’s 3 main ways you can directly impact the children in Mbale. Each one plays a critical role in the ministry.

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