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A societally rejected tribe in Mbale, Uganda

The people

The Karamojong people in Mbale, Uganda have a difficult history; descended from a nomadic people who believe all the cattle in the world belong to them, they are hated by many in Uganda, including the government, who largely ignores them. As a result, they are completely marginalized.

The conditions

These marginalized people live in the outskirts of Mbale, in a slum area called Namatala. They scour the trash piles for anything to eat; many of the children are abandoned or orphaned and are at high risk of dying from disease, AIDS, or starvation, or turning to a life of crime to as a way of life.

The change

Our ministry is to meet the physical and spiritual needs of these rejected people, beginning with the children. Through sponsorship, these kids are given a hope and future through education, the Gospel message, and the meeting of their pysical needs of clothing, food and medicine.

Give monthly

slum area

Namatala, Mbale

This is the slum area where the Karamojong people live. Most live in these homes constructed of mud and straw

Serve with us through sponsorship

As a sponsor, you’re investing personally in the life of one of these children in need. You enable them directly to participate in a faith-based program that will completely alter the course of their lives. This child will know your name, write to you, and benefit directly from your giving. You stand alongside the parents, pastors, teachers and friends who have an active role in encouraging and raising this child!

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(School uniform, fees and supplies)

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Medical treatment

(Well visit, emergency treatment, medications)

Stay in touch

Whether you’re an active sponsor or just praying for our ministry, we’d love to keep you up to date with what’s going on in Namatala, and how the kids are doing as they grow up.

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