IChooseYou Scholarships and Higher Education in Uganda

Scholarships is an important part of our ministry when it comes to giving a child, what we call, a complete education. This is something that makes IChooseYou special. Our perspective on education is that a complete education is one that ends with a student graduating from a trade school or a university.


Kids and families

What school in Uganda is like

In Uganda, education up through secondary school, or high school, is good education, but if the students don’t go beyond that, then they’re still not really employable anywhere for a job. That means we run the risk of students ending up back on the streets when they leave IChooseYou, and that isn’t of any benefit to them.

How do the IChooseYou scholarships work?

We start adding scholarship funds alongside sponsorship funds, right as a student starts to take their first courses. Because of these scholarships, they’ll have all the funds needed to graduate and be able to take a job and start earning a living, right out of school. And just like with sponsorship, we then make sure that 100% of your scholarship donation goes straight towards the student’s tuition fees. Donors can support a student either on a recurring or one-time basis, but our goal here is still to help facilitate as much of a personal relationship here as you want. You’d still be able to send letters and photos back and forth, and they’ll know that you gave directly to support their tuition and their career.

How much does higher education cost?

Completing a trade certificate, like cooking, plumbing, hairdressing, or metal fabrication - these are anywhere from $2,000 - $5,000 over 1-3 years of courses. For a university degree, these students are looking at tuition costs of $4,000 to $6,000 for a 3 or 4 year degree; with some specialized degrees, like nursing, can be over $8,000.

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