Martha Apio

Girl, 22 years old

Quick facts

GradeTrade School
I want to become aChef
My favorite Bible verse--

Scholarship funds needed

$2,100 remainingof $3,600
42% funded

My story

Martha grew up in a family with 3 siblings. Her father worked as a temporary farmer and her mother worked small odd jobs but there wasn’t enough money to provide for food or regular education. Martha also spent time with her aunt, who did not care for her or her siblings well and would even be physically abusive. We praise God that in 2010, Martha became an IChooseYou child and the direction of her life was immediately changed. She worked hard in school and successfully completed all of her Senior Four classes. Martha has decided to pursue a career as a chef, and will earn a certificate in catering.


What can I expect as a sponsor?

  • A packet with your child’s story and a photo
  • A new photo of your child at least once a year
  • Information on how to write a letter to your child
  • At least 2 letters from your child every year
  • Ministry updates on a regular basis
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