Manuela Mpindi

Girl, 23 years old

Quick facts

GradeTrade School
I want to become aChef
My favorite Bible verse--

Scholarship funds needed

$2,220 remainingof $3,600
38% funded

My story

Manuela grew up in a large family with 8 siblings. They lived a difficult life on a small plot of mediocre farmland that her father worked hard to grow crops on. Because of its small size, the land was not able to provide nearly enough food for everyone in the family, much less make the family a livable income. As a result, Manuela and her siblings often went without food, and the family could never even dream of affording school for so many children. In 2011, Manuela became an IChooseYou child and started going to school, and the family was able to eat more with the food provided by IChooseYou. She has successfully completed her studies up to Senior Four, and is currently pursuing a career as a chef, and will earn a certificate in catering.


What can I expect as a sponsor?

  • A packet with your child’s story and a photo
  • A new photo of your child at least once a year
  • Information on how to write a letter to your child
  • At least 2 letters from your child every year
  • Ministry updates on a regular basis
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