Joan Kalenda

Girl, 22 years old

Quick facts

GradeTrade School
I want to become aCook
My favorite Bible verse--

Scholarship funds needed

$3,344 remainingof $3,600
7% funded

My story

Joan was born to a single mother. Joan’s father required Joan’s mother to become Muslim before he would marry and provide for her and Joan. When Joan’s mother refused, she and Joan were neglected by the father and he refused to offer any support whatsoever for their needs. After Joan became of school-going age, Joan’s mother again asked for help to be able to provide food and education for her, but Joan’s father refused again unless they would both become Muslim. After refusing again, Joan’s mother became overwhelmed and abandoned Joan who then had to live with her grandmother who was very old. Joan joined IChooseYou and has studied hard in school. Joan has decided to pursue a career as a chef, and will earn a certificate in catering.


What can I expect as a sponsor?

  • A packet with your child’s story and a photo
  • A new photo of your child at least once a year
  • Information on how to write a letter to your child
  • At least 2 letters from your child every year
  • Ministry updates on a regular basis
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