Seeking to bring spiritual, economic, social, and physical relief to the Karamojong Tribe of Namatala, Uganda.

IChooseYou Ministries mission is to provide the Karamojong children from the village of Namatala in Mbale, Uganda with the essential necessities of everyday life, as well as making a life-changing impact to see these people forever transformed through the power of Christ and their new-found knowledge of His love.

The Children


Little Daniel is a ball of fire! Recently added to IChooseYou, he is in P3 class at Covenant Primary School and he is 9 years old. He loves going to school, loves learning, and is one of kids that does his homework as soon as he gets home. That’s dedication right there! Daniel makes you laugh. He dances on command, is always ready to

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Sweet Sharon is now in Secondary 3 class at Mbale Secondary School and loving it! She now lives at Mama Aidah’s and because of that we get to know her so much better! She tends to be more quiet but is always watching. She has the most gentle voice and loves to snuggle up to you when sitting on a bench, chair, or couch!

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Ambrose is new to the IChooseYou family! He moved from Lira back in February and was quickly embraced by our children! He is 19 years old and brilliant! He is is Secondary 3 class at Mbale Secondary School and loves it! He has a mind that understands math and science and is constantly working problems out in his head. Although he is new to

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Cecilia is our beautiful 15 year old who is in Sr. 1 now! She lives with her mother and 5 younger siblings in Namatala. She loves going to school and is a writer. Her creativity allows her to excel in class and she is so thankful that she has a safe place to learn. This one is a dreamer in every sense of the

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