Charity Mugide

Girl, 22 years old

Quick facts

I want to become aElectrical Engineer
My favorite Bible verse--

Scholarship funds needed

$4,000 remainingof $4,500
11% funded

My story

Charity grew up watching her mom and dad fight frequently; mostly because of not having enough money, but also because Charity’s dad refused to believe that she was his biological daughter. Charity’s mother worked up the courage to get a loan from the bank to afford Charity’s school; but when her dad found out, he severely beat Charity’s mother. Charity’s parents eventually separated; her father took all her siblings with him, but abandoned Charity and her mother. Her mom tried to find work but was unable to provide for her. When she became an IChooseYou child in 2011, she moved in with Mama Aida and started going to school. She works hard and is currently studying to become and electrical engineer.


What can I expect as a sponsor?

  • A packet with your child’s story and a photo
  • A new photo of your child at least once a year
  • Information on how to write a letter to your child
  • At least 2 letters from your child every year
  • Ministry updates on a regular basis
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