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Cecilia is our beautiful 15 year old who is in Sr. 1 now! She lives with her mother and 5 younger siblings in Namatala. She loves going to school and is a writer. Her creativity allows her to excel in class and she is so thankful that she has a safe place to learn.

This one is a dreamer in every sense of the word. If you watch her, she is always in her own world. When you ask what she is thinking about, she just flashes her stunning smile and looks upward. Cecilia also has very vivid dreams at night and it is a gift when she tells you about one. This girl also has big dreams for her future. She is determined to take what has been given to her and not waste a single bit of any of it. Cecilia is insightful and has such trust in Jesus. She is sure of His love and she is always willing to share it with her family and friends.